20 Ways You Can Know For Sure You're a Mom

If there is anything about parenting that is for sure, it is that it is a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. Having a child involves a lot of laughs and a lot of tears, sometimes both at the same time. Once you become a parent, your life and behavior changes in a way that someone who doesn’t have a child can't totally understand, and it doesn’t take long after the birth of your child for these changes to become apparent. When real moms were asked how you know that you have fully entered mommy mode, these are the things they said:

You Know You Are a Mom When:

  1. As an adult, you can carry around a Hello Kitty backpack on your back through the airport and you don’t get any double takes.
  2. Instead of running away from projectile vomit, you are pushing your way through the crowd ready to use your hands as a paper towel if necessary.
  3. You have perfected multitasking to the point where it resembles an art.
  4. Your new best friend is wine. And you guys have a great relationship.
  5. Happy hour is no longer between 4-5 but now it is the small window of time between when you’ve put your kids to bed and you collapse into bed.
  6. Even being able to pee without an audience becomes a rare and appreciated event.
  7. You know more about the shows on the Disney Channel and Nick Jr. than the shows your friends watch.
  8. Getting a brand new mini van with automatic doors feels kind of like getting a brand new sports car.
  9. Moms’ nights out are sacred and necessary for your sanity.
  10. A 10 minute shower with the door locked parallels a day at the spa.
  11. Even your nicest purses have stashes of baby wipes and Tide to Go.
  12. You would give yourself a fever, a cold, or even the flu in a heartbeat to prevent any of your kids from it.
  13. The amount of milk you buy in one week could keep an entire dairy farm in business.
  14. You can change a diaper in record time, in the dark, and possibly while they are still going to the bathroom.
  15. It is not unusual for you and your husband to not be the only occupants of your bed.
  16. Breakfast for dinner is a celebration to your kids and vacation for you.
  17. You’ve spent more money on carpet cleaner and stain removers than make up.
  18. There are crayon or marker scribbles on various surfaces in your house.
  19. You have to hide your nail polish in places your daughters will never find it.
  20. Fast food and drive thrus are two of the best things that have happened to you.