Your Stories - Readers pull back the curtain on the chaos that bedevils all moms

Don’t Mess with a Mom

Don’t mess with a mom—we hold grudges. A friend of mine had a story about another mom condoning cruelty from one of her kids. My friend was at a kindergarten transition ceremony with her son when the other mom walked up the stairs with her little girl. The girl said, “I don’t want to sit next to him” and pointed at my friend’s son. >

A Mom with Really Young Children’s Perspective

A new mom needs more hand-holding than most. Her world is upside down and she is sleep-deprived. The baby came out a while ago but she is still carrying the reminder of the child. >

What’s the Big Deal?

I am trying to survive the end of school. Nowadays moms have to attend countless “moving up” ceremonies and provide “voluntary” handmade teacher’s gifts. As a busy working mom with four kids, I want to know when all these new ceremonies and rules started cropping up? For me it was high school graduation and done. Now my kids have ceremonies for completing preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school. >

Social Engineering a Child’s Playdates

The other day, my neighbor Kimberely and her two kids, Jack and Annabelle, were taking a walk. It’s been ages since Kimberely and I hung out, although our girls were inseparable since we both stopped working and became stay-at-home moms. Snow forts and hot chocolate in the winter, shared rides to the camp bus and numerous informal meals. >