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Don’t Mess with a Mom

Don’t mess with a mom—we hold grudges. A friend of mine had a story about another mom condoning cruelty from one of her kids. My friend was at a kindergarten transition ceremony with her son when the other mom walked up the stairs with her little girl. The girl said, “I don’t want to sit next to him” and pointed at my friend’s son.

Instead of saying, “Oh that’s not nice. You’ll sit wherever the teacher tells you” and hopefully apologizing, the other mom merely said, “Okay, you don’t have to sit with anyone you don’t want to …”

My friend admits that she is waiting, hoping that someday her son will be the most gorgeous, sought-after, smart, popular son so he can refuse that girl’s advances when she has a crush on him. A mom holds very big grudges if you are mean to her child. My friend will forever dislike this mom.