Why the Mom’s Code?

xi. Thank Goodness for Best-ies

Thank goodness for girl’s night outs to gain and keep perspective. We all insist that we don’t want to be hovering, overindulgent helicopter moms, but insecurity creeps in every time we hear another mom bragging about her child. We work to find the strength to admit that our children are works-in-progress and try not to push them to peak in second grade (or worry about other, more talented eight-year olds). GNOs help us to support each other more, learn from each other’s experiences, be less competitive, and stand back so we see kids are kids for the most part, and not perfect. We get together and create moments of joy and we laugh together at life’s imperfections and absurdities. We help each other put our bad days where they belong—in the rearview mirror.

Do you have Girls' Nights Out?


If so, do you think they're important for helping you stay sane as a parent?


Do you have a group of mom friends who you can be REALLY honest with?


Do you feel better, almost cleansed, after an honest night out with your friends?


Do you feel better when you compare stories with other moms?


Moms could solve all the world’s problems if there were continuous GNOs.

– Carmen

When something is confided to other moms at a GNO, it should stay confidential.

– Leah