Why the Mom’s Code?

viii. So Much Drama

Unfortunately, my friend’s story is not unusual these days. More and more we’re faced with hovering, overinvolved moms who deny that anything their kids do is ever inappropriate. This is our new norm and it does our children more harm than good. All of us should wrestle to do the best for our children, but many of us have gone one step further and are now caught up in an epic battle to be perfect mothers who raise perfect children. When moms start judging, taking sides, and creating chaos, inevitable drama ensues. Today’s moms are no longer behind the curtain of childhood’s stage. They are front and center, right alongside their children, stealing the spotlight—and ruining the play.

Is there mama drama around you?


Have you been unconsciously sucked into mama drama?


Do you get overinvolved because everyone else is?


Do you know "spin doctor" moms who overmanage the image of themselves and their families?


I unfriended a high-maintenance mom on Facebook, but she had an ‘unfriended’ app so she found out and called me on it publicly. Aaahh! I’m a facebook hostage to her.

– Hailey

It’s so hard not to compete with hypercompetitive parents!

– Joy