Why the Mom’s Code?

ii. Oh, the Never-Ending Worry

In general, I’m an optimist and feel very fortunate in my life, but I still struggle because life is never perfect. I worry a lot. Sometimes I worry I haven’t exposed my kids to enough of the world, so I overreact and create unmanageable schedules for them. Then I worry they are overscheduled and don’t have enough time to just play. But when they do have free time, they don’t play and sometimes even act lazy, and I worry about that.

Do you worry a lot about your kids?


Are your kids overscheduled?


Do your kids have enough time to play by themselves?


In Korea, we all pretend to go away for the holidays but we really use the time to force our children into intensive sessions so they can jump a level in their English, instrument, or sport.

– In-Sook

I recently found eight piano lesson books under my son’s bed. He told me they are his friend Luc’s. He said Luc’s mom is so strict about the lessons and practicing he loses his books on purpose.

– Lanie